Kick-start of the Humanitarian Innovators Network 2019

Kick-start of the Humanitarian Innovators Network 2019

Humanitarian Innovators Network – February 27th, 2019

A key group of participants of last year’s Humanitarian Innovators Course met at the office of DCHI partner IJsfontein to discuss the way forward with the Humanitarian Innovators Network. Together, they also delved deeper into some of their individual innovation ambitions.

The innovators from Save the Children, World Vision, Netherlands Red Cross, CARE Netherlands, and the Ministry of Defense, identified a number of relevant innovation themes and challenges that are cross-cutting within their respective organisations. It was considered highly relevant for their continued peer-to-peer learning to share experiences around for example monitoring and evaluation of innovation efforts, increasing the efficiency of internal processes, and collaboration with private sector.

The humanitarian innovators also broke apart into smaller groups to work on their individual innovation ambitions. Together with the design experts of IJsfontein, they explored how mental health support to traumatized children in conflict areas could be scaled up efficiently, as well as how to organize beneficiary registration processes in a more efficient and dignified manner. They used the impact model canvas to structure their ideas and determine their next steps.

The DCHI team will follow up with the original humanitarian innovation pioneers to ensure the next-level programme of the Humanitarian Innovators Network in is in line with their needs and relevant to them, and will continue to support them in their innovation ambitions. Would you like to be involved with the Humanitarian Innovators Network in the future, or do you have ideas about how we could collaborate on sharing learnings on innovation in the humanitarian sector? Contact Stephanie van Drunen Littel today.