DCHI and DRA will collaborate for the DIF Call 2019

DCHI and DRA will collaborate for the DIF Call 2019

Humanitarian Accelerator Programme – February 15th, 2019

The Dutch Relief Alliance has asked DCHI to facilitate the Dutch Relief Alliance Innovation Fund Call 2019 (DIF Call 2019) in line with the DCHI Humanitarian Accelerator Programme (HAP). The HAP mechanism has been developed by DCHI to support humanitarian innovation with impact at scale. Integrating the lessons learned from the collaboration between DRA and DCHI around the DIF Call in 2018, the HAP will form the basis of the process for the DIF Call 2019.

The structure of the HAP is based on years of experience in design, implementation, and the scale-up of innovation projects in both business- and humanitarian settings by both DCHI and partners. Through the HAP, the DRA will focus in particular on increased collaboration among each other and with external parties such as knowledge institutes, businesses and other external actors. This will enable participants to make smart use of solutions and skills developed both within and outside the humanitarian sector.

The DIF call of 2019 is focussed on the theme of Safety and Protection. The role of DCHI in the call is to facilitate the process of the DRA members to develop their innovation projects. Providing workshops, tools, and platforms to connect with the partners in the DCHI ecosystem, DCHI provides the DRA members with a conducive environment that will enable partners to learn, collaborate and realise impactful innovation projects together with partners.

This first phase of the HAP will support the DRA members to work together to discover and further define the challenges and the opportunities for innovation. Participants will do so together with their wider organisations (local and international). Other partners may be involved in this process on request of the specific DRA partners. Once these challenges are clearly defined, DCHI will share these challenges with the partners of the coalition, enabling ‘outsiders’ to take part in the process.

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Initiative: Safety and Protection

If people affected by crisis are provided with food and medical aid, but remain unsafe from conflict, something vital is missing from an adequate humanitarian response. To better address the current issues around safety and protection which crisis affected populations and humanitarian staff are facing, the opportunities provided by new technologies and innovation, need to be explored.

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