Update your information

Update your information

Coalition – February 4th, 2019

The Coalition consists of more than 300 actors who share the DCHI’s objective to increase the impact and reduce the costs of humanitarian action and believe that this can be realised through innovation and public-private collaboration.

To realise this ambition together, it important that actors within the Coalition can find each other and share knowledge, expertise and needs amongst each other. Throughout the year, DCHI organises events to this extent, and also offers other opportunities for matchmaking and knowledge sharing.

To increase the impact of being part of the coalition further, we recommend all parties to update their information on the Update Information page, in order for other actors to find you without direct intervention from DCHI.

Please check on the Coalition page, if you are already listed as a partner on the website, if you are please go to the Update Information page and update your organisations information.

If your organisation’s logo is not our website and you think it should be, check out how on Becoming a Partner.

We look forward to showing the breadth and depth of the DCHI-network!