RVO and DCHI launch pilot on Access to Modern Energy

RVO and DCHI launch pilot on Access to Modern Energy

Humanitarian Accelerator Programme – February 2nd, 2019

To overcome the barriers to humanitarian programming with a focus on Access to Modern Energy, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and DCHI will implement a pilot humanitarian acceleration programme. This programme supports humanitarian organisations and development organisations to set up joint pilot projects realising Access to Modern Energy in humanitarian crisis contexts.

The pilot on Access to Modern Energy in humantarian contexts will run in the first half of 2019. The programme will consist of a series of workshops supporting the participants to shape innovative and impactful programmes, in line with the needs and challenges on the ground. Teams in the Netherlands as well as teams in the field will work closely together to understand the challenges, explore solutions, and develop proposals for their pilots in the field.

The focus will be on humanitarian crises affecting Ethiopia, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and South Sudan. Following lessons learned from the EnDev programme, participants will be encouraged to explore market-based approaches as they are setting up their innovation projects. Lessons learned in the pilot programme, will be shared widely among partners of the Coalition.

Initiative: Energy

Access to Modern Energy is increasingly recognized as an area of humanitarian concern. If communities affected by crises go without proper access to energy, it becomes impossible for them to meet the basic needs of life. In fact, if humanitarian organisations do not adequately address access to energy in their programmes, they risk contributing to the very same problems they aim to solve.

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