First Humanitarian Innovation Course completed

First Humanitarian Innovation Course completed

Humanitarian Innovators Network – December 19th, 2018

In the last week before the holidays, the first 23 students of the Humanitarian Innovation Course have finished their programme in The Hague. During the fifth module on 18th of December, these humanitarian practitioners got a chance to discuss their ideas for innovation projects and changes within their own organisations with their CEO’s and management, which was present during this final module. The discussions among these innovation pioneers and the ideas they presented, proved that all of them had taken great leaps in understanding what ‘innovation’ entails, and what is needed to create changes successfully.

This was the first time that DCHI offered this course in Humanitarian Innovation to all professionals in the humanitarian and development sector. In collaboration with Impact City and the Data Science Initiative of the Municipality of The Hague, the course brought Innovation back to the basics and enabled participants to get an understanding of innovation, its methods and processes and how the application of technological innovations such as serious gaming of the use of big data works in practice. Together, the group of pioneers gradually formed a Humanitarian Innovators Network, as they expressed how they look forward to continue meeting together and learning from each other in 2019.

DCHI has invited a great number of partners from the Coalition to share their knowledge and experience to make innovation more tangible and practical while at the same time diving deeper into the subject matter. Providing both practical case-studies of humanitarian innovation and theoretical underpinnings, lectures were provided by partners such as Van Hall Larenstein, War Child, Leiden University, ESA, Q42, and many others. During the final module Marieke van Schaik (CEO of the Netherlands Red Cross), Maarten van der Veen (510, Data Initiative of the Netherlands Red Cross), and Amos Gomes de Mesquita (Van Aetsveld) shared their learnings and knowledge with the innovation pioneers.

Would you like to know more about the course or to be involved with the Humanitarian Innovators Network in the future, or do you have ideas about how we could collaborate on sharing learnings on innovation in the humanitarian sector? Contact Stephanie van Drunen Littel right away.

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