The Campaign by HumanSurge to Support Localization

The Campaign by HumanSurge to Support Localization

Partner – December 3rd, 2018

HumanSurge has teamed up with Turkish NGO Hayata Destek to create a prototype that will promote localization and offer assistance to aid workers through direct, remote support. HumanSurge was chosen as the winner of The Humanitarian Action Challenge organized by Impact City and DCHI in The Hague. Because of this, HumanSurge and Hayata Destek now have the ability to join forces so that we can create a program that will enable local aid workers remote assistance during a humanitarian response.

Read all about the campaign and how it works on the HumanSurge blog!

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Project: HumanSurge

HumanSurge is an HR platform with more than ten twelve thousand registered users, which so far has enabled many people to find a job in the humanitarian sector and has provided aid organisations with a good insight into available talent for both long and short term missions.

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