Tips for a great pitch!

Tips for a great pitch!

Event – October 18th, 2018

Last month, DCHI organized a Pitch Training  in the Hague Humanity Hub, to help you to build a strong, clear and short pitch to convince your audience within 2 minutes that your innovation is essential in today’s world and actually helps to solve a certain  problem. The training was provided by Frank Evers from Perfect Storm.

For those who couldn’t make it to the training, we want to share the most important tips and takeaways with you.

The Format 

The format can make or break a strong pitch. There are multiple formats out there but we’ll share the one of Perfect Storm with you.

#1: Problem: name the big issue, the threat.
#2: Urgency: Why now?
#3: Idea: Show the promised land – where will your innovation lead to?
#4: Obstacles: Why isn’t it solved … yet?
#5: Proof: Your idea works! Show proof.
#6: Need: How to get there. Tell the audience what’s needed to make your idea work.


Body language is more important then you might think. Stand tall with your back straight and don’t squeeze your hands together in front of you. Do you notice you have a tendency of squeezing your hands? Imagine you’re holding an egg and you don’t want it to break. Having a relaxed and composed posture will strengthen your message.


Practice a lot to make sure you don’t say ‘euhh.. ‘ too often but also make sure it stays natural. If you know your innovation and story by heart, you don’t have to know the exact wording of the pitch. So know the story and the format, but make sure you are not bound to an exact script.

Last but not least: Don’t forget to have fun and show that you’re passionate about your idea! Passion  is contagious and showing it might just be the final push your audience needs to join you on your journey.