Break-out Sessions at the DCHI Annual Event

Break-out Sessions at the DCHI Annual Event

DCHI Annual Event – September 18th, 2018

The DCHI Annual Event is held in parallel to Impact City Start Up Fest. DCHI has their own separate plenary opening and closing and offers four break-out sessions specifically for DCHI partners in which more than 15 partners are sharing their knowledge and expertise.

 From Pilot to Scale
[Room 3, 14:45 – 15:45]

 What you really want when you have found the best solution for a problem is for everyone to use it. In projects, often only when it is common use, implemented completely do we speak of successful innovation. Is this true? What is needed for an innovation to scale? Is this different in the humanitarian setting? What are challenges that exist in the humanitarian context that are different from other contexts? The panel of experts will share their knowledge with you but there will be ample time to discuss with them your questions, challenges and ideas on how to scale innovation in a humanitarian setting.

Anne Nieuwenhuis, Lead of the South Sudan DRA Humanitarian Response, who can share the ins and outs of the humanitarian context
Hein Fleuren, Professor at University of Tilburg who has successfully developed and implemented a datatool within World Food Programme which is saving WFP millions of euros
Jennifer MacCann from Response Innovation Lab, who has scaled numerous innovations in humanitarian context of Iraq, Somalia, Puerto Rico, Uganda and Jordan
Klaas Hernamdt  from DCHI will facilitate this panel

2. Public-Private Collaboration in the Humanitarian Sector
[Room 4, 14:45 – 15:45]

 The Netherlands is said to be an example when it comes to public-private collaboration. What is public-private collaboration? Why does it work? Why would you work on setting up such a partnership? What are best practises and lessons learnt? DCHI believes that working together with unlikely parties can lead to the most impact. Do you want to be inspired by unexpected yet successful allies, do you want to learn what it takes to set up a partnership? And do you want to know more about why you should? The session will be hosted as a panel with lots of room to share your thoughts and expertise and ask questions.

Timo Schless (Ministry of Defence)  and  Jasper Koeleman (Capgemini) created the White Flag Protocol.
Kate Radford (Warchild) and  Michael Bas (&Ranj) have created the most wonderful learning tool for children where there are no teachers.
Amos Doornbos (World Vision International) works with Jacek Salek (Nearshoring) to create Last Mile Mobile Solutions.
Roza Freriks from DCHI will facilitate this panel

 3. New Business Models for the Humanitarian Sector
[Room 3, 16:00 – 17:00]

 What are other sources of funding than institutional funding? How can the humanitarian sector be less dependent on institutional funding? How can we enable people in a crisis self-reliant? What is changing the context of humanitarian aid? Why is it necessary to look at different funding mechanisms? And what are best practises of new mechanisms? Are these questions you wonder about, or questions you have answers to or an opinion about.

Pepijn van Dijk from LittleBitz, a technical platform that will enable peer-to-peer funding
Peter Scheer from Semilla Sanitation Hub a circular can convert waste water into clean water and and nutrients for food production in remote settings
Ruben Walker from African Clean Energy who are looking at new ways for people to buy their own products
Martijn Veen from SNV who have created new possibilities using market based approaches.
Roza Freriks from DCHI will facilitate this panel

 4. Finance for Innovation
[Room 4, 16:00 – 17:00]

To innovate, create new ideas and develop them, you need funding. Funding innovation is different than funding other programmes, this is because there is no proof of the impact yet, something needs to be build, tried and tested first. In every sector this is a challenge, yet at the same time there are many instruments that exist to support the start or the development of an innovation.

During this panel different funding instruments will be shared and you will be able to ask the experts about what they are looking for. Goal is to walk away with a better sense of what is out there and how to find the funding tool that suits your situation best.

Alexis Marchand from the European Commission
Eric Buckens from ABN Amro Social Impact Fund
Sandra Cats from RVO
Somaye Dehban from Your Funding Network will facilitate this panel


We look forward to seeing you at one or more of the workshops!

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