TU Delft Pilot: “Sustainable Development Goals and Responsible Innovation”

TU Delft Pilot: “Sustainable Development Goals and Responsible Innovation”

Event – June 10th, 2018


On Friday June 8th TU Delft and the city of The Hague shared 14 vanguard research projects on the theme “Sustainable Development Goals and Responsible Innovation” at the Peace Palace in The Hague. DCHI was honored to be part of the event and to contribute to this important theme.

Topics that were discussed ranged from Block Chain and Serious Gaming to Airport Efficiency to Collective Intelligence, using drones and AI; all in the face of the technological developments that are happening in the next years.

Most societal problems and global challenges require a radically interdisciplinary solution. In responsible innovation, contributions from ethics, law and social science are integrated into the development of technical solutions, often by applying design for values. And — vice versa — technical developments are applied in institutional interventions and governance with ethical, societal, juridical and economical goals in mind.

Responsible Innovation is an approach that is currently being advanced by the Netherland Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), in conjunction with the Innovation Policy Mechanism of the Dutch Government (Topsectorenbeleid). It has also been adopted on a European level, where it is a strong influence on the European R&D program Horizon2020.

Research like TU Delft and her partners have started is vital to better understand the opportunities for the future and to transform the humanitarian sector.  When we make these challenges more concrete, DCHI can support by connecting parties for further research, piloting and – in time – implementation.

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