Village Pump meets Dutch Relief Alliance

Village Pump meets Dutch Relief Alliance

Coalition – February 28th, 2018

The Village Pump is an interesting solution for rural areas without the need of an external energy source. It yields  at least 500 litres of fully purified drinking water an hour. The pump is fully mechanical and hand-powered, constructed on the basis of proven technology, without using any vulnerable electronics. Across the world there are currently Village Pumps in over 8 developing countries. Village Pump came to DCHI because they want to see their product is also valuable in a more emergency humanitarian setting. DCHI connected them with DRA and as a result they were invited to present their story and product at the first Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) Members meeting of 2018.

 After a presentation about Village Pump, all attendees went outside where the Village Pump was constructed two years ago so they could see and try the product for themselves.

Much interest was shown by different people in the DRA, DCHI hopes for a fruitful collaboration opportunities.