Partners perspective on DCHI

Partners perspective on DCHI

Coalition – June 29th, 2017

Various DCHI partners share their perspective on the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation during one-on-one interviews.

Jelte van Wieren, Hans de Boer, Bartel van de Walle, Suzanne Laszlo, Kate Radford, Alexander Heijnen, Margot Cooijmans and Martin Wijnen were asked to share their reasons for joining the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation. Watch the compilation or individual interviews!

Compilation of interviews

Dr. Jelte van Wieren, Director of the Stabilization and Humanitarian Aid Department of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hans de Boer, President of VNO-NCW

Suzanne Laszlo, Managing Director UNICEF the Netherlands

Major General Martin Wijnen, Deputy Chief of Defense 

Margot Cooijmans, Director Philips Foundation

Prof. dr. Bartel Van de Walle, Delft University of Technology

Kate Radford, Innovations Program Manager, War Child Holland

Alexander Heijnen, Project Manager ReliefBase 31