Humanitarian action experiences a proliferation of new apps, tools, data analysis platforms, drones and other tech-solutions. Some are driven by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), others by international business, private sector or by international organizations thereby often remaining within the respective silo. Since most tools and innovations are operating and developed in their own environment, the sector suffers from duplication of investments and resource constraints. At the same time, this kind of innovation is not sustainable and many of the solutions never exceed their prototype stage or fail to scale because it cannot be ‘found’ (invisible online) and/or suffers from a disconnect between three core domains: innovators, practitioners, and academia.

The online AidMetrics repository of tools, aims to improve aid responses by facilitating humanitarian responders to connect with the ‘right’ tools and solutions for their specific need, thereby facilitating a more responsible use of resources, data and research regarding tools and (data) solutions and thus increasing service delivery and efficiency. AidMetrics will improve informed decision making regarding tools and (data) solutions, through genuine online collaboration between various actors. AidMetrics will be a neutral and user driven platform to ensure that the quality of the tools available are leading in the decision-making process.

By enabling and creating a shared space for the development, use and research of (innovative) tools and (data) solutions for the humanitarian community, AidMetrics helps to reduce resource wastage, lowering costs in tool development and enhancement in order to maximize benefits for crisis-affected people.

Focus areas

Smart Use of Data
Increase the impact of humanitarian aid through smart use of data.

Assist affected people to be in charge of their own future.

Timely Response
Timely delivery of humanitarian supplies to affected people.

Health and Sanitation
Ensure the health of affected people.

Safety and Protection
Ensure the safety of affected people and humanitarian staff.

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