When disaster strikes, humanitarian organisations and governments traditionally aim to support affected people with their basic needs, providing food, medical care, and shelter. However, education is often left out. Also, education is difficult to provide when people are on the move, or living socially isolated lives.At the same time, education is an important need for refugees and displaced people, and these people actually possess many skills themselves.

The project group of Acquiring Knowledge and Skills In Emergencies (AKSIE) aims to develop an application that enables affected people to share their knowledge and skills with each other in a playful way. Non-formal education thus becomes less dependent on physical institutions such as schools, and can be provided to and by these groups that are difficult to reach through traditional programming.

Focus areas

Assist affected people to be in charge of their own future.

Smart Use of Data
Increase the impact of humanitarian aid through smart use of data.

Timely Response
Timely delivery of humanitarian supplies to affected people.

Health and Sanitation
Ensure the health of affected people.

Safety and Protection
Ensure the safety of affected people and humanitarian staff.


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