Our ambition

The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation is comprised of governmental actors, knowledge institutes, academia, businesses, and humanitarian organizations in the Netherlands who develop and scale innovative solutions to increase the impact and reduce the costs of humanitarian action.

Affected communities and their needs as well as the needs of humanitarian organizations providing emergency action are at the centre of the coalition’s activities. The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation follows a win-win-win strategy to pursue and achieve results on three levels; a benefit for affected communities in disasters, benefits for the partners of the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, and benefits for the humanitarian sector.

The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation is a dynamic movement that leverages the power of resources, expertise and capabilities in the Netherlands to support humanitarian innovation with a global impact. The Coalition is recognized and acknowledged as the driving force in the Netherlands for effective humanitarian innovation.

The need for humanitarian innovation

In the last ten years the need for humanitarian assistance has grown and become more complex.  The amount of funding requested through inter-agency appeals has tripled, and the number of people targeted was four times as high in 2016 compared to 2006.

Innovation is needed to meet the changing needs, increase efficiency and effectively use available resources. However, the current approach to innovation in the humanitarian domain is often inadequate. Resources for research and development are lacking, innovative solutions are developed in isolation, and success is not being shared.

During the Dutch Humanitarian Summit the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Corporation Mrs. Ploumen recognized the need for humanitarian organisation to step up cooperation with private partners and academia, to develop innovative solutions in humanitarian programming.

Various organisations therefore decided to join hands to increase their collaboration on a common humanitarian agenda. The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI) was launched on March 23rd by the Minister to realize this commitment, and has been highly active in the field of humanitarian innovation since.

DCHI Activities

The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation works to support innovation in various ways:

Creates a Partner Ecosystem: The Coalition brings together governmental actors, knowledge institutes, academia, businesses, and humanitarian organisations in the Netherlands to develop, facilitate or scale up innovative solutions to humanitarian challenges.

Sets the Common Agenda and Guiding Principles: Partners jointly set the thematic agenda as well as the way of working, the DCHI guiding principles, to enable innovation in emergency action.

Facilitates Innovation Projects The DCHI Support Organisation supports partners by defining the humanitarian problem they wish to innovate on, matching partners from the Ecosystem with each other, and kick-starting the innovation projects.

Promotes Enabling Conditions: DCHI enables access to knowledge and skills, supports in finding access to financial means, and shares its results in international fora.

Captures and share lessons learned: Members of the Coalition seek to learn from their experiences and share lessons learned with others.

Guiding principles

Within the coalition, all partners work according to the DCHI Guiding Principles. These principles are designed to overcome the challenges facing innovation in humanitarian assistance, and to foster sustainable innovation that makes an impact at scale.

Combined leadership from the start
DCHI forms a joint innovation effort by government, businesses, knowledge institutes and humanitarian organizations.
DCHI aims for inclusivity of a diverse group of individuals and communities.

Clear strategy & shared agenda setting
Innovations of DCHI aim to increase the impact and reduce costs of humanitarian assistance.
DCHI sticks to a focus on a limited number of thematic areas for innovation.

Focus from the start on sustainable innovation
DCHI puts affected communities and their needs at the centre.
DCHI aims for a win-win-win for all stakeholders (Winnovation).

Monitoring innovation process and progress
DCHI keeps track of successes and failures.
DCHI captures lessons learned on innovation in the humanitarian sector.

Tell, Sell & Share
DCHI transforms humanitarian assistance by selling and sharing lessons learned and success.
DCHI looks for opportunities for scale up to increase the impact of humanitarian aid.

Our projects are in line with the humanitarian principles
DCHI has a humanitarian purpose.
DCHI respects the user’s autonomy and avoids harm to users and their communities.
DCHI acts according to the principles of integrity, justice and accountability.

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